I want to start riding my bike to the studio.  When Jennifer visits the studio, she rides her bike from Steveston and I am only 5 miles from my studio….so why aren’t I riding….

This is what I will usually cart back and forth with.  Far right, needing seaming and labels, middle box yarn needing to be wound for knitting and on the far left (since I’m a mood spinning) every dyed top in inventory.

Even though I have a plan there is no way I can commit to colours or “these five soemthings”.  My one pannier rack on the back of the bike definitely doesn’t cut it.  Anyone know of a great bike accessory place to recommend.  I’ll need to pack like I’m going to war.

I spent some time at Birkeland yesterday, visiting with Pearl.  It gave me time to finish off some inventory, shop and work on some spinning.  The Matchless is calling to me.  I may need to make an addition to the herd.  I think it would be my home wheel.

A little cupcake inspiration.  It even had me inspired for spinning.

It was more important to work on the 355 stuff, so I finally starting taking some shots and I’ll get those uploaded today.  I am having a huge order of baby alpaca dropped off today.  More on that later. I love it when beautiful wool just shows up at my house.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.