Humming and Thrumming

I’ve been spending more time in the studio over the holidays than I thought I would.  I thought that after the craft crash, I might enjoy a little time off.  Nope.  Want to work, want to play with work.

  These made me happy.  I was definitely smitten with the mittens.  This was after I stopped swearing.  A miscount in the number of rows for the rib cuff had me, dare I say it, ripping it back to correct.  I was only about 14 rows in to the knitting when I noticed it, but damn, it still hurt my feelings.

The yarn is a hand spun and hand dyed 2 ply merino wool.  The thrum is some hand dyed merino from my friend Jennifer (part of her giant destash before she left for India)

I core spun some wool today so I could make a non matchy scarf.  I might be feeling weavie —we’ll see.

While cleaning today I found some more hand spun that I think would work great for mitts.  Well that’s my evening planned.    Did someone say cozy fireplace knitting?

Transportation Issues

I want to start riding my bike to the studio.  When Jennifer visits the studio, she rides her bike from Steveston and I am only 5 miles from my studio….so why aren’t I riding….

This is what I will usually cart back and forth with.  Far right, needing seaming and labels, middle box yarn needing to be wound for knitting and on the far left (since I’m a mood spinning) every dyed top in inventory.

Even though I have a plan there is no way I can commit to colours or “these five soemthings”.  My one pannier rack on the back of the bike definitely doesn’t cut it.  Anyone know of a great bike accessory place to recommend.  I’ll need to pack like I’m going to war.

I spent some time at Birkeland yesterday, visiting with Pearl.  It gave me time to finish off some inventory, shop and work on some spinning.  The Matchless is calling to me.  I may need to make an addition to the herd.  I think it would be my home wheel.

A little cupcake inspiration.  It even had me inspired for spinning.

It was more important to work on the 355 stuff, so I finally starting taking some shots and I’ll get those uploaded today.  I am having a huge order of baby alpaca dropped off today.  More on that later. I love it when beautiful wool just shows up at my house.

Too Calm

….something must be wrong.  Oh, doomsayer me.  I am less than 30 days from Filberg, behind in inventory, postal strike deeply delayed my fibre shipments, I have two too full classes to teach and a bunch of fibre at the studio to be rinsed (thanks Kristen) and somehow things are still pretty awesome.

I have spun my 355 yarns and knit them before they got photographed.  I’ve been such a fibre slut lately (greedily knitting my own stuff) but that has to stop or I will have no hand spun for the kits.  Yes, they will finally be released for Filberg and the Edmonton Folk Festival.

Please forgive me if you have been following the yarn updates —sorely lacking as of late—-I will be back in the saddle as I will no longer be knitting them myself.

As my friends will confirm, I am usually a big freak this close to the large shows.  Not this time.  I have great friends, helpers, partners, companions that keep me working and loving every minute of the work.

On another note altogether, Hadiya is recovering from the surgery, better than recovering. She’s already off the pain meds and is reverting back to being her usual snarky pain the butt.  I couldn’t ask for better.  Knit outside if you can, the weather is amazing here in Vancouver today.


I’ve been knitting a lot.  More than usual.  More than I thought possible.  A lot. It wouldn’t take a lot to talk me into doing something else.  I sense a major carding day coming.  Photo of giant pile of finished hats will be available shortly.

Places to Knit in Vancouver

Pearl took me to a wonderful place to knit today.  Queen Elizabeth Park.  At 5pm there was so much sunshine.  Thanks Pearl for reminding me that I can knit in places that don’t have the space channel and that outdoors is pretty wonderful.

Current project on the needles, so much hand spun for this scarf.  Completed pics to come.  In the meantime I am exploring the new photo app on my phone.
Enjoy the sunshine.  Knitting looks better in natural lighting.

Not Being in the Studio Has It’s Advantages

With the Dr. Who marathon finally complete, I can get back to work.  At last, I wrote out and test knit the kit pattern I have been working on for months.  Pardon me, NOT working on.

There’s a lot of garter stitch here and it looks great.  Kits will be posted sometime next week.  It feels so good to get a new design out there. 

The bobbin is not quite full, but I enjoyed the first core spun on the Kromski.  I thought the pegs might be a problem and was pleasantly surprised when they weren’t.  There was a bit of cat interference trying to take a photo of the 355’s.  Check it out.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.