Heart Felt

The face of the studio is forever evolving and changing.  Joan, gone for most of the summer to shows and to enjoy the short return of her daughter is now moving in new equipment.  The last of Sonia’s fibre and her wheel left yesterday and I’m not sure what to do with the blank wall that is left in it’s place.

Claire, the best and only student I’ve ever had is leaving next Thursday…..Hmm.  Toni sent me an amazing email today and it gave me fresh perspective on the coming weeks…

“…..you never seem at a loss for amazing people coming into your life … I wonder who else is waiting in the wings?… I am referring to those who will add inspiration, joy and laughter!

I think Toni is right.  The product of so much inspiration is that my studio time has doubled.  It’s just so great to be there, which means that an entirely new limited edition of the Fiddlehead Felts will be available this weekend just in time for Trout Lake and Whistler.

New, shorter version of the Cloche.

Available in 8 colour combinations
The new cozy couch corner.

One of the other great things about the studio.  Pearl is just down the street, so I’m heading over to Birkeland Wool now.  A little time knitting in the shop with Pearl is a great way to end a full day here.

Today I Work

Today I work like Circle Craft is tomorrow.  Today I work like it is my last possible chance to knit.  Today I work because I can and I love it and there is plenty of coffee on the way to the studio.

Today I work because I am surrounded by friends and great energy and the studio is breezy and cool.

Teaching and Learning

I learn more about myself each time I teach a class.  Tonight I saw something really wonderful in the class that I’ve never really noticed before.  Six wonderful woman all in sync learning and sharing.  It was an extraordinary experience for me.  A real rush.

All classes are different but the same.  They are fun and hectic, busy and stressful, rewarding and challenging.  This class had a vibe that was a giant creative wave that rolled over the whole group and carried it.  I wish I had a better way to describe it.  For me —just memorable.

Knitting and Driving Do not Mix….

I mean knitting as a passenger in the car…oops, sorry didn’t mean to alarm anyone.  After an exciting and busy day in Whistler I figured I had better get a head start on my inventory by knitting in the car.

Never again.  At least not on the road to/from Whistler.  I was not able to contain my spicy thai tuna sandwich or the lovely gooseberries from the market.  I have always had a hint of weird tummy on long car rides, but never enough to prohibit knitting.  This late life development completely sucks.

Tear down has finally found it’s groove.  We can completely shut down the booth and have it in the car (mathematically packed) in about a half hour.

The last basket in the car is always what I might knit on the way home.  Apparently no longer an issue.  Two hours of down time in the car is something I will not do well with.  Any suggestions?

The Mo in my Jo

Yeehaa….The Undiscovered Country (by far the best of the Star Trek Franchise) is on the space channel this afternoon.  This will definitely get me through the afternoon….oh, and one more crack at the last 4 episodes of Season 7 of Buffy. 

I’m thinking of a Mad Men marathon next week?

Calling in Sick

So my best laid plans have failed.  My attempt to call in sick did not work.  My boss clearly saw me lounging in my pj’s and drinking an americano around 8:00am.  No need to get all crazy as I sometimes don’t get my groove on until after Dr. Who (9:00am).  But once 9:30 came and went and I was still petting the cats the boss of me knew something was up.

The guilt knitting began promptly at 9:45 am.  I just dropped the needles at 11:51.  Oh, and there were appropriate lunch and dinner breaks.  I’m still a bit peeved at my boss today, but she’s not a monster.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.