Being open to change is a wonderful thing.  Embracing change is even more amzing.  The space is now either fibre related or in Joan’s case, fibre friendly. 

With the new fibre crew on board, and realizing that basically we share the same brain when it comes to our likes and dislikes it was apparent that we need to all call in before we go out on our own seeking some rare and fabulous Hungarian fleece.  So it begins.  We are ready for the birth of the Fibre Collective.

I’m stoked.  It seems that I am in the company of talented, generous people who see the world through the same fuzzy, fleecy lens as I do.  This has brought a few issues to light.

  1. I am restarting the studio drop in group.  I miss it others miss it. Enough said
  2. I will be offering a dyeing class.  Okay, March folks, near the end of the month, details to follow.

The 355 project has had 3 yarns updated to the page, however the next few days will be a yarnapalooza with many updates.  I’ve spent the last few days carding and prepping so I am really looking forward to the alchemy of finished wool.

Gabi continues to amaze me with her wonderful photography and I can hardly wait for her new photos of this piece including a beautiful baby, rather than just laying on a log.

I have something in my possession that has become my “precious”.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I also know that no one will be able to get it away from me without a fight.  Sweet Georgia Cashsilk Lace…all mine.
We’re going to allow the collective to develop organically.  And then look tor the warehouse necessary to store this fibre.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.