I finished reskeining the yarns I dyed on the weekend.  It was first and foremost a matter of getting it out of the way.  There was yarn drying everywhere. Here’s a bit of the spring in yarnie goodness.
After putting the fibre away, I managed to card a bit for what will eventually be this yarn.  I left the studio in the middle of spinning it.  Looking at this picture makes me want to set the alarm to get to the studio tomorrow.
I had the last class for Free Form crochet.  It was amazing and even had some impromptu spinning in the middle of it.  Now you’d be thinking that wrapping up at 9:30 would be enough, but oddly enough I found myself back at the studio rinsing some dyed top.
Home, fed and thinking I could take another crack at that baby cardi that I frogged last night.  The night is still young.

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