Just as  I finish posting about how much I love my carder, I come across a post on Ravelry where someone is looking for a carder.  So before you know it, I am online offering up my loyal and trusty carder for sale.  WTFrack?  Really, have I lost my mind?

No, I just happened to have another one, brand new, sitting in the box that I was dying to get at.  I have been a Louet Dealer since March so I have ample access to carders and this new one – The Classic Carder is replacing my model that is no longer made.  There was nothing wrong with mine.  I loved it and still love it, but like old boyfriends, sometimes you just want something new.  Thanks for the good times, sweet girl.

Here is my first batt off the new carder…No difference, but it has that new car(der) smell.  I’m a fickle chickie.

And the resulting yarn……well….judge for yourself.

 Good tools are important.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.