I keep forgetting to take pictures….at the market, at the studio, wherever I need to be taking pictures.  I don’t like posts without photos, hence the week of not blogging.  However, until I can take some good shots, I still want to let you know what’s been going on.

The studio has been crazy busy, but with Torchwood.  With the Season 1 finale today, let’s just say the production has been ramped up to it’s highest level ever.

Friend with blog news:

Kristen dyed a killer new colourway.  Available soon in her Etsy shop.

Quincey finished off a batch of little felted guys and was carding this week for a mountain of felted soaps she is working on.

Monica is working on my new website, blog, logo and everything else that will make me look like a together grown up.  She is amazing people and her skills are available.

Me. —-same old, same old. Dyeing, spinning, knitting and doing the market’s while ramping up for Filberg.  What I’m not doing —-taking photos of the finished goods.  (a situation I hope to rectify shortly)