Just to make sure I avoid the dream about having too much sleep (which freaks me out more than you could know) I am still up.  Deep Space Nine is an excellent pick me up for the 2am panics as well as the espresso I am currently consuming.

Rock solid studio day today.  Many hats finished while Kristen and I watched Dr. Who and she dyed some beautiful fibre.

My spinning wheel is not going to fit in the car.  Not at all, not even close and it’s too late for the Beverly Hillbillies –tie to the roof action.  This blows.  I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy but it’s just not the same.

I am bringing my wheel to Edmonton.  I will strap myself to the roof if I have to.  Back to work.  Maybe I can watch Game of Thrones while I’m working?  If I was sleeping, I’d be getting up in 3 hrs anyway….Yep, Game of Thrones, it is.