If ever there was a time that I needed this skill, now is that time.  There are so many different things I am committed to right now, all equally important.  I have classes to teach, inventory to make, production for the TV series and Farmer’s Markets to attend.

This week  is involving a lot of back to back events and double bookings.  Please don’t hate me if I end up having to move or cancel something.  I’m juggling as quickly as I can.

My focus this week is to start to replenish the hand spun inventory.  It never occurred to me that I would sell it all.  I had spun what I calculated would last for the rest of the season…..This after I finish with my gigantic piles of flax.

I have to tell you my experience with flax was not a good one.  Thank god the fairy tale turns it in to gold.  I found my long draw harder to control and my finished fibre felt like binder twine. But hey, you can’t get more authentic than that.

I can hardly wait to attempt it on the Great Wheel.  In the meantime, the Sonata is up to the task and treating it just fine.  I was thinking that I also might get a pair of spinning goggles as I ended up with a serious case of flax eye.  I am working on this post through scratchy wet eyeballs after letting Pearl first, then John dose me with crazy drops.