Especially if it gets to look like this little lovely.  It took hours to core spin flax on to a thread.  Why would I do this? Well, the smoke and mirrors that are filming have to hold up to sturdier stuff than a regular fibre.  It gave me ample time to study the behavior of the fibre —-and unlike last night, make me want to spin more.  It was coarse but still lighter than air and created magical little whispies as it slid by my fingers.  Just lovely.   I thought it was wonderful that the honey colour of the fibre matched the finish on the Sonata and the bobbins and that how it all was so matchy and organic.

i pictured myself sans bonnet in an old farmhouse with a Great Wheel, finding time for myself and not at all feeling like the spinning was some chore to complete.  Like “me time” but 1800’s style.

The reality was a rerun of last weekend’s episode of Torchwood and True Blood.  I somehow managed to miss seeing segments of both of them.

The fibre wasn’t perfect.  I wasn’t aiming for that.  I wanted something a bit more rustic and was pleased with what I achieved.  The full bobbin couldn’t have weighed more than  50 or 60 grams at most.  I wrapped it in a little bag, nestled on top of all of the carded rolags and waited for the guys to come by and deliver it to the set.  I kept a small bit back for my fibre scrapbook, a fly away hunk that wafted across the hardwood floor.

Who knows when I’ll have a chance to do something like this again.  I appreciate the opportunity it gave me to work with non wools.  It was a lovely experience.  I’ve left a small bit of the spun fibre trailing off the wheel and instead of packing it up like I usually do, I put the wheel beside the fireplace.

The cats are a bit miffed to have their place disturbed, but I thought it looked kind of cool, and we have the room, and well —I also managed to clean up the living room a bit.

I still seem to have flax eye and I didn’t put on goggles like I said I would.  But that’s okay….today was an awesome day and now back to the more mundane tasks .  Barring any complications, I’m not needed on set until next week.  And my spinning mojo —a bit ramped up.