I’m always busy.  When people ask me how I’m doing or what’s going on I will usually answer “oh, same as always–busy”.  I’ve now realized that I can’t always be “busy” and if I am there are certainly different levels of said – busy.

Normal Busy-

  • house not clean
  • behind on paperwork
  • pile of hats to be finished
  • major shows still at least two months away

Panic Busy (includes Normal Busy as well)

  • deadline in danger of being missed (usually related to custom orders)
  • something not getting done because of waiting for fibre (usually my fault because I waited too long to order it)
  • realizing I am out of a certain style/type of hat/wool with no way to create it before a show


Category One Busy(includes Normal Busy and Panic Busy)

  • teaching 2-3 days per week in addition to other deadlines
  • pile of half finished inventory exceeds 100
  • out of bags or any kind of packaging, labels and hang tags and business cards down to one box
  • less than 2 months to major shows
  • possible night terrors

Def Com Busy(includes Category One Busy) and was named after something I think I saw in a Sylvester Stallone movie

  • less than two weeks before major show
  • business cards have not arrived (due to late ordering)
  • several felted hats will now accidentally become children’s hats
  • I start online shopping for bomb shelters
  • I start creating lists and spreadsheets so that I can feel more organized
  • there will be at least one crazy show dream

With the exception of the extra work for Once Upon a Time, I would qualify this as Normal Busy —Panic Busy doesn’t start until next week.