Today I realized that I am 4 days into “panic busy”.  I may have been cued by the feeling of nausea from staring at the pile of dyed fibre on the coffee table.  Maybe it was the fact that I realized I have two shows this weekend and no fibre to sell.  No–wait—-It’s the fact that I am already 5 hats behind today and I need to get to the studio asap.

Wah——I know there is beautiful dried fibre waiting for me to spin.  I also miss Kristen and Joan who will both be there.  So just suck it up, go and get the mojo back.  I think I’ll card today.  It usually helps me get my focus back and also works out a bit of stress.

Do not come anywhere near the studio unless you are okay with being saddled with weird odd jobs.  I mean it.