Where to begin?  Planning for the extra shows this year is making my brain hurt.  I was considering doing a brain on wool update, but I can’t even manage that.  I also can’t quantify my “busy” due to a fear of blood leaking out of my ears.

What I can say is that the markets are great, my pile of custom orders is ever growing and I am immensely behind (which is oddly making me a bit crabby).  I want to get to a place where it gets easier somehow.  That place never seems to materialize.  I had a board meeting after the market so John had dinner with a friend and then I met him so we could have dinner with our other friends.  It was almost like a vacation.  Creekbread is amazing.  Officially the best pizza I have ever eaten (also the best salad).  —-Pemberton potatoes on a pizza and garlic from North Arm Farms—nothing better.

On another note.  Hadiya is uber sick, so going to the studio to work is out of the question.  I just don’t want to leave her side.   The cancer has returned in a big way.  She hasn’t figured it out yet, so that’s a good thing.  She’s stuffing her little face, purring loudly, demanding petting and sleeping on my lap.   It’s only a matter of time.  John and I were hoping at least until Christmas, but it might not even be until the end of the week.

My booth at the market was full and my heart is full and I guess that’s all a crafty girl can ask for, right?

Feeling blassed (and just a little stressed)