……..I did not spend my day as planned.  While I thought I might put my deadlines aside for a few days, I ended up spending the afternoon helping a friend with her deadline for a special project.  It was also great to see that there are deadlines all around me and not all mine!  That adventure went into early evening, I worked on a hat and fell asleep on the couch….the best laid plans…

Back to the world of making magic, or Once Upon a Green Screen….

I just have to say this once.  Okay, possibly I’ve said it 500 times already.  Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor.  For the number of takes to get the scene down, he was perfection for each take.

There were several opportunities for me to adjust the props, speak with the actor and view the filming from over the director’s shoulder.  One screen gave us the scene as we saw it staged and the other screen gave us the Disneyfied version with walls and books and staircases —–just amazing to see it all come together.

I think it took about three hours to film the scene and a lot of it was with me prepping the wheel and fibre fluffing.  I can hardly wait to see this when it debuts in October and see how long the scene actually is and how much of it ends up on film.

My one heart stopping moment was on the 3rd take wherein the actor said and I quote “I like spinning”.  Insert sexy Scottish accent here.

Life gets a little dull after this moment, I have no guarantees of future film work.  However this is the 4th production I’ve worked on since moving out to BC, so who knows.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the call, from the studio or from Robert Carlyle….sigh…