I’m blessed to live in a house full of love.    And even though there is one less kitty in the house, the love remains.  I spent our last few days in the spare bedroom with the loom and Hadiya.  Just the two of us.  I set her up in her bed on the table, beside the loom and listened to her soft breath.  I could occasionally reach out between shuttle tosses to rub her under her chin and drown out the sound of her breathing with that of a sweet grateful purring.

I will not forget the moments she gave me, all the love and the aggravation and her sweet little quirks, I threw them all into the spinning and the weaving.  Now more than ever, I am grateful for the grace of my craft.  It bends with my emotions, balances and pushes me.  Life is a tapestry….so many threads created by sharing my life with this small creature.

We took one last little visit outside on Friday. She stayed on the stairs.  Hadiya never liked the way grass felt under her feet, but she loved the fresh air and the possibility of a bird.  I can’t even describe the sense of loss, but right now I am trying to focus on all that I have gained from having 17 years with her.  And I will spin and knit and wrap myself in the love that remains.

I would like to thank everyone for their hugs and kind words.