Every year I do a little soul searching about the business. Things to change, to improve, to do more of….and finally –things never to repeat.

I am thrilled to say that this year there were no “let’s never do this again moments”. I’ve been navigating through the craft system in this province long enough to –dare I say it–have things reasonably figured out.

I am no longer going to be buying commercial wool to dye for my kits. If it ain’t hand spun it’s not landing in one of my kits. This means I am changing my strategy to be much more production geared…Yes, more than before. With John’s help we’ve set out a ridiculous production schedule, a grueling list of shows and yes—I couldn’t be more thrilled.

More workshops at the studio. Yov’ve been asking for them, now help me fill them up so that I can continue to offer them! Spinning, knitting and crochet classes are what are on the table. If you are looking for something different, let me know. I’m always up for a good challenge.

Decluttering I will be selling my Kromski Sonata and my Louet super fine carder (excellent for alpaca). There is just too much in the studio right now. I want to make room for my electric fireplace and new comfie chair (yet to be purchased but coming soon to a studio near you)

A regular studio schedule. I need to not be mood motivated for the studio so expect to find me there Mon – Thursday starting in the new year.

To never stop spinning .  Making yarn for others to get their creative on is a joy I can’t imagine being without.