I have been watching my Dr. Who special since 4:30 this morning (in my fabulous TARDIS socks). I know. I have made excellent use of my time, working on some knitting and preparing various side orders and the turkey during commercials. It took a while, but the results were well worth it, with us sitting for dinner at 7PM and me only missing one of the old Christmas specials.

My curried turkey with lentil rice and cilantro stuffing worked out nicely. My cranberry sauce was runny. I consider this a success since I have hosted some pretty awful holiday meals!

I am enjoying working on a lovely pure angora scarf and taking my time with it. This is the luxury of a semi day off. The fibre is divine. John is cleaning up so I can get back to my TWho – a- thon.

Had the most awesome dinner at our friend Claire’s last night. We started with her pate with fig balsamic jelly, a pinch of hibiscus salt with a rosemary brioche. And the meal only got better if you can believe that. She makes her own holiday log as well. I think I may be able to enjoy the cooking of others and left overs right until new years.

I hope everyone is enjoying knitting with some great yarn over the holidays. I have been asked to work on some new kits for next year. Consider it done.

Might not make it to the studio until Tuesday if you are planning on stopping by.