It’s unusual for me to go so long without a post.  It’s also over the top for me to have 3 huge shows almost back to back.  All done.  It feels great to say that.  Of course there are still a few loose ends to tie up.  Just a few more orders to knit —and a lot of unpacking and reorganizing.  It will happen and I will stand back and marvel at the fact that I am still in once piece.

All the help I had this year was stellar.  Due to a lot of donated time things got done.

Just having a few custom orders to contend with is a nice way to end a year of knitting and spinning.

I’ll be pulling back from a lot of shows next year so I won’t be as visible, but you will still be able to find me for yarns and classes.

Stay tuned for an update to the website.  New yarns will be posted and for sale straight from the post.

There will be new kits available in the new year as well.  Seeing what others make from my yarn is quite a high.  Having people at the studio who have been inspired to take their craft to the next level is another rush.  This is what I want to put my focus on.

I’ll have a list of classes and workshops posted in January.  I look forward to seeing you at one of them.

Warm wishes for the holidays.  Still time for last minute Christmas knitting!