I never do this, because there are certain things I will and will not do and resolutions or attempts at change have never worked in the past.  When I woke this morning I felt this weird charge of energy that made me feel like I could do just about anything.  No idea where it came from —-not going to ask.

So in your face 2012 —-this is what’s going to happen

  • No yarn store purchases of yarn —sorry yarn stores.  I have given you plenty of money so this year you’re going to have to get on without me.
  • No new wheels.  Not a Sidekick, not anything new or shiny or used or in need of attention.
  • One wheel from the herd must go.
  • I must not leave stock dye in the studio without putting the lid back on.
  • No more $5 coffees ($2.50 Americanos are still okay and only if I haven’t any coffee at home
  • No takeout food unless we are out of town for a show.  If I’m eating at home it will be the food from my own fridge.  Not a health concern more than budgetary.  A year in review of expenses can be quite shocking
  • I will not get another kitty.  It was hard losing Hadiya this year.  She would be impossible to replace.  Not even gonna try.
  • I am taking a fibre vacation this year.  Most likely to Salt Spring for one of Terri’s awesome classes.
  • I will learn to hug like Pearl but give it my own spin.  I don’t want to be a copy cat hugger.

The punishment for breaking one of these “resolves” is that I have to clean the house.  You notice that I have nothing about housework in my list of things to do/not do this year.  Yep…nothing at all.