So far this year feels like everything has been tossed into a blender.  No end or beginning, just a constant carry though –until Sunday.  It was my last Farmer’s Market before my big summer shows.  Why, you ask.  At some point this inventory needs to get bagged and tagged.  I….t’s a huge job.

My work style is not dye one roving, spin one roving, knit the hat from that roving, stitch it up and block it and then put a label and a hang tag on it and stack it in a box….hardly.

My style i s more like this:  OMG, I am going to stay at the studio for 14 hours a day spinning until my legs feel like rubber and just agonize about knitting it later.  And then today, like a slap in the face with a wet fish,——I don’t have enough felt hats for my shows…..

So starts my crazy counting….The show is in 9 days and I need.

40 hand spun, hand dyed skeins of yarn.

50 felt hats

30 more children’s hats

20 scarves

OKAY, so that is 140 things divided by 9 days at 15 waking hours a day, minus eating showering , getting dressed and commuting between home and studio, possibly petting the cat and maybe a load of laundry in there.  This give me 15.5 things to make in 15 hours that I will be awake in the day.    This is not what I would call a good plan.

Or I could try this….Keep busy, focused…try not to be a crazy person, make what I like and let the chips fall where they may and enjoy several caffeinated beverages.

I’m feeling better already.  Oh, and this handsome guy in the corner, is my neighbour Nathan’s grandfather  sheering on his farm in the UK many years ago.  The picture just makes me really happy.