The Back Room in Mr. Gold's Antique Shop

So far this summer, I have managed to squeeze  in everything I’ve wanted to do and more.  Disney fit exactly in between surgery and the Filberg Festival.

I have enough time to turn around inventory and head back on the road for the Edmonton Folk Festival.

I will be back just in time to finish prepping my first classes for Birkeland Bros.

And then I have my Whistler for two weeks and then start uber production for the winter shows.  It all fits like a nice fibery puzzle, each piece in its place.

John and I have pushed really hard this year to get everything in line.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  And the great thing about working so hard is that we had time to really enjoy the Filberg Festival this year.

The Booth at Filberg

One night of the show we had a farm visit with our friends Lorne and Kim (who have an excellent B&B).  Another night we hung for dinner with Claire on the farm she was staying at and had a great dinner of left overs and fresh picked greens from the farm (not fresh picked chickens, I just found them super cute)



The show ended with us tearing down the booth in record time so that we could make our ferry reservation.  We coasted into Nanaimo, had dinner, watched our women’s soccer team get robbed of their chance for gold (sorry, but that was a bad call, crazy ref) and still had time to grab a latte in the ferry line!
Coming home Monday night is truly what made our timing really count.  I got to the studio at 11am and was able to stay there until 5AM.  A full dedicated 17 hours of spinning and a serious amount of caffeine, and the results, I was on pure creating overdrive……..these yarns are for my FFFF’s (favourite folk fest folks).

West Coast Inspired Yarns

There are plenty of very textured blue/greens for a certain someone and Donna’s white BFL is on reserve.  I also have the beaded yarn if I can manage to hook up with one of my Facebook Folks–Calle if you’re out there.   There won’t be any extras though.  Just enough yarn to get through the show.

There is only one thing about about this quick turn around that has upset a family member.  Asia–laying on the yarn doesn’t mean I can’t still pack around you.  Dear Edmonton customers, please note, a few of the hand spun yarns may have partial Himalayan content.

So You're Leaving Again?