I am giving up my studio at the end of the year.    You’d think this would make me sad as the last three years have been awesome there.

From flooding to Frank,  having the studio was magic to me.  Two of my studio pals have gone on to other things or new spaces and it’s just too big to carry on my own, so I’m coming home.

Does this mean a change to what I sell, how often I teach or what shows I do….Not at all.  With the help of a lot of fantastic friends I am going to create one stunner of a studio in the house.  I can hardly wait.

While the move is going on, I am still kicking out custom orders and trying to keep up with the crazy demand for all things handmade this year.  As you are getting ready for the holidays trying to finish up those last few knits remember this….one mitt, or sock or piece of a sweater is still a great gift if you can include a done by date with your package.  Previews are nice and build excitement!

Enjoy the holidays everyone.

I’ll check in when the chaos subsides.

Fun at the studio with Quincey.