Day 1/30     Welcome to the new office. David Suzuki’s May Challenge of thirty minutes outside for 30 days is a challenge I’m willing to take on.  Rain or shine, finding the time to be outside in nature changes everything.   The first idea for day one was to move the studio outside.  But we’ll call this day “near nature”  just to the backyard.  I made some tea, grabbed a chair, a spinning wheel and a box of dyed mohair locks and planted myself in the middle of the yard.

Taking it outside

Taking it outside

The sun was out (not too bright) and it was nice and breezy.  Thirty minutes ended up not being the challenge, but rather coming back into the house.  The lilac tree was wafting intoxicating aromas through the yard.  How amazing is this?  How tranquil.  It’s hard to believe that I am in the zone, in the yard with no Netflix to guide me. It was an hour and a half before I even realized the time so I packed up and came back inside.  I continued to work, but with the perfume of lilac still in my nostrils and the heat of the sun still on my skin. And this is only Day 1, yah! I was thrilled with the yarn, and set the bobbin to the side.  I had a student coming for a spinning lesson at 6:00pm.  I wondered if she would want to spin outside.  Maybe next week.

First hand spun wool in the yard.

First outdoor work of the year.

Not sure exactly how I’m going to finish this yarn.  Thinking I might Navajo ply it, just to trap all those fabulous mohair locks.  Mohair generously donated by “Pepper”