Mill Lake Park

Enjoying Mill Lake Park

Today was an early trip out to Abbotsford to teach a Beginner Spinning Class at Birkeland Wool.  My first foray into outdoors was to photograph yesterdays’ navajo plied yarn….Much success and a huge happy with this yarn.

I was all prepared to go straight to the yarn shop when John surprised me with this lovely road less travelled and we parked at the Mill Lake Park.   What a stellar early morning hike before 4 hours of teaching.  And smack dab in the middle of the city.  It was a bit rainy, but nothing worthy of rain gear.

Mill Lake

Early morning Mill Lake

There were several families of geese and I was shocked to see the babies almost greenish in colour.  Camoflage apparently, and good thing since we were told there were two eagles in a tree close by.  One more awesome thing about being out in a park, you meet other interesting humans who also enjoy the outdoors!

I’m thrilled to be doing the 30/30 challenge.    It has given me an opportunity to slink back to the neglected blog.  It’s also giving me quality time with the new camera.  And an office without walls—stellar.