I used to be a better poster.  As a matter of fact I was the poster child of posting.  I want to be better.   I love the blog, I really do, but the call of inventory is ever present and locking up almost all of my time.

What’s been going on?  Nothing terribly exciting.  There has been much knitting and spinning and dyeing.

There has been plenty of fibre ordering.

And yes, there was a show.  Folk Festival in Edmonton is like the happiest place on earth for me.  Great music and friends and the best coffee and well if that just doesn’t make perfect even more perfect.

Alaska_PanhandleAnd now I’m back home, the studio is completely trashed, my to do list is miles long, and all I can think of is getting out of town…I need to go away.  But I still need to work when I’m away so I have a crazy idea brewing….. It seems like a great thing to do, right?  Incredible vistas, fresh air, no dishes or housework or cooking and a lounge chair set for ultimate knitting comfort.

Can I do it?  I have been online, sussed out pricing, even reached out to find a like minded friend to tag along and it seems possible.  After the last Ladner market and home well before Knit City in the beginning of October.  How else can I make what I need to make and stay inspired and free of other responsibilities.  Will keep you in the loop.  Which means I will be working on my posting skills as well.