I decided not to do any summer markets this year.  It’s a weird feeling too because I’ve always done markets.  Having spent the winter in Whistler and Prince George, I decided that I should keep my winter wear out there, well, in the winter.  Not that I don’t sell in the summer, but really I give in, wool and summer do not mix.  This decision, while liberating, froze me for a while.  I’m a person, not a machine, so spending several months on production alone was daunting.

DSC_1005Hence the plan, post some classes, teach a bit, have contact with other humans who want to knit, crochet and spin and your heart will be full.  Hell yes!  What came next was a bit of a surprise though.  I decided to go out to Halifax to visit my friend Leanne and teach on the East Coast.  Best decision I have ever made.  Holiday and teaching is an amazing combination.  I have to point out again that my friends are incredible, and for Leanne to host me for two weeks was a testimony to her incredible patience.  Thanks again, Leo!

I also really want to thank my students for making it so easy for me to teach.  They were receptive, cheeky, enthusiastic and wonderfully talented.  Handcrafting is in the DNA out on the East Coast.



I spent a lot of time in photo mode.  I didn’t want to really knit much  couldn’t knit much because there was too much to take in.  I am not comparing coasts here, they are equally enticing.  I must admit that this new to me Coast seemed a bit slower somehow.  A pace that matches a meditative heart rate. And as always surprises, like this wonderful felted woodland creature on my morning boardwalk strolls in the Eastern Passage.  Am I going back –you bet.  A plan is brewing for an even longer summer stay next year.  Here is my plus list for returning:

  • friendliest people on the planet
  • you can have pie for breakfast and no one will judge you
  • Fleece Artist and Handmaiden Yarns are out there
  • a Farmer’s Market as old as Canada

I can hardly wait.