I know that it’s been forever since I’ve gotten out a blog post or even added an update to the page (or changed the class and show list for that matter).  Life is flying by at record speed.  My apologies.  Facebook is fast and easy for me –a photo from the trusty smart phone, a clever comment – you hope– and then you are done for the day and can get back to the pressing issue at hand of creating knit things for sale.

Let’s catch up, shall we?  You may want to pull up a chair and pull out some knitting.December837F

The craft show season of 2014 ended as it usually does, with John and I nursing our aching bones and wondering how we made it through another season in one piece.  This includes, of course, the number of times we drove the Coquihala in the most grotesque weather conditions.  I am always happy during the season, but when it is over, you have definitely had your fill of hotels and take out food.

Normally we have a gap between the end of the season and the start of the new one, but the 18 week show at the Westin Hotel in Whistler started a few weeks early and a week before Christmas.  The weather was brilliant and I was able to work on inventory during the week with John assuming responsibility for everything else. I adore our adopted Whistler family and can’t imagine not being there.

10991347_887265267960601_1170214562526222160_nA new component to the year was something I had never tried before —the Canada Games in Prince George.  I don’t think I can even begin to describe the awesomeness of being in this town with old and new friends.  Three weeks of 10 hour days vending outside. In. Prince George. In. The. Winter.  This would not have even been possible if it wasn’t for my amazing friends Gwen and Mel who hosted, fed, brought me lattes and picked me up from the venue when the weather got just a bit to winter to handle.

I have had a mad crush on Prince George for a number of years and I finally got to really “live” in the city.

In no particular order……



  • The Prince George Arts Council
  • The Salted Cracker
  • Cafe Voltaire
  • Zoe’s Java House
  • CKPG

Even after the show was done, John and I stayed in town for a few days so I could finish up custom orders.  We ended up delivering the finished orders and my favourite was one woman who agreed to meet us half way to pick up her hat which ended up being in the parking lot of a penitentiary . Best delivery ever.

We then went back to our Whistler show and ended the season just after the Easter Weekend.  I think I’ll end here for now.  Stay tuned for part two in which I discuss coming out as bi-coastal, a trip to Patagonia and how I plan on fitting in Spanish classes during show season.

Warm woolly hugs,