Back to Basics

Out of yarn for my kids hats…..find some, dye some.

No yarns left in my stash.  Card some, spin some.

Missing several sizes of hats.  Knit some.

Not up to date on my updates.  Blog some.

Easier than it sounds.  The studio multi marathons have given me a chance to start catching up on this monumental to do list.  As much as I love the most current story lines, it was hard to say good bye to David Tenant who was my favourite Dr. Who.  I think it takes a few seasons to fall in love with a new Doctor, so I am hopeful I will get into the new guy.

My weekend markets are back in the groove, with the next few weekends finding me at Saturday and Sunday markets.  It appears the weather will cooperate which makes all the difference.  I am starting to produce inventory and sorting it by show.  Three shows is a bit much and requires precise organization.  Something I am not known for.

Today, I’m at home with the kitties doing finishing work.  Tomorrow the yarn will be dry at the studio and I can roll around in the new colours of my new base yarn.  Even chunkier than before, the first few hats have turned out pretty fabulous (if I say so myself).

Come visit me at a market and check them out yourself.  What’s your favourite market?








A Home Away From Home

The studio is where I am surrounded by wool, by my wheels and dyes and pots and my comfy couch —and good friends.  I have such an amazing group around me.  Pearl you were there in spirit!  She did the most amazing thing a friend could do for people with cats.  She sent detailed emails about all of them, where they were when she visited and what they were up to.    A 20 yr old and a 17 yr old don’t get into much trouble, but Asia was always hatching an escape plan every time she arrived.

So lucky.

I am very unhappy with my calendar as of late.  It is the great beast, the total squares to show dates diminishing in number.  Yes, I am on top of the inventory this year, but really 2 more Christmas shows than last year…..crap.  This does prove that I do not enjoy the idea of rest.

There is still a ton of stuff to catch up on.  I am looking for companion yarns for Jan’s awesome sweater she is knitting…Promise to have it to you shortly Jan and sorry for the wait.  I have a few custom yarn orders as well and a felt hat to finish for the market tomorrow.  I should be able to get it done.  While not at my favourite creative space, home does offer John, the cats and the space channel.  Not bad.


To Sleep, Per Chance to Dream

……..about sleeping.  I had the most amazing dream.  I dreamed that I was sleeping….oh it was sweet—-like a baby and without a care in the world.

Unfortunately the dream was so real that I woke myself up from it as I had been sleeping too long – 10 hrs according to dream time.  Actual slumber time- 4 hrs…Damn you, stupid realistic dream fracking up my down time.

I have encountered a glitch I have never had before.  My inventory will not fit in the car.  Consequently, we are shipping most of our booth display to the show.  Strange and wonderful.  Also finally putting to bed my nagging inside voice telling me I haven’t worked hard enough on production this year.  Take that, inside voice.