Transportation Issues

I want to start riding my bike to the studio.  When Jennifer visits the studio, she rides her bike from Steveston and I am only 5 miles from my studio….so why aren’t I riding….

This is what I will usually cart back and forth with.  Far right, needing seaming and labels, middle box yarn needing to be wound for knitting and on the far left (since I’m a mood spinning) every dyed top in inventory.

Even though I have a plan there is no way I can commit to colours or “these five soemthings”.  My one pannier rack on the back of the bike definitely doesn’t cut it.  Anyone know of a great bike accessory place to recommend.  I’ll need to pack like I’m going to war.

I spent some time at Birkeland yesterday, visiting with Pearl.  It gave me time to finish off some inventory, shop and work on some spinning.  The Matchless is calling to me.  I may need to make an addition to the herd.  I think it would be my home wheel.

A little cupcake inspiration.  It even had me inspired for spinning.

It was more important to work on the 355 stuff, so I finally starting taking some shots and I’ll get those uploaded today.  I am having a huge order of baby alpaca dropped off today.  More on that later. I love it when beautiful wool just shows up at my house.

Last Carding Group

Things are just too busy to run the carding group at the studio anymore.  Also, the size of the group is expanding to such an extent that we are running out of space.  Having Kristen and Jennifer there as studio mates often finds them there on the group nights as well so this makes things even a little more tight.

Last night’s theme.  Exotic fibres.  Well, one in particular, some super fine dehaired llama for carding.  What people did with their fibre was just amazing.  Louet, by far has the best carders and the super fine does a great job with these special blends.  There were batts, hand pulled rovings, core spun yarns and even some knitting as well.  Although class ends at 9pm, the foolishness carried well into the night.

I am going to miss running this group and hope we can find the time for at least one more before the end of the year.

Off to the studio.  Kristen and I are doing Game of Thrones audio books today and getting our knit and dye on.

Updates and The Best Cookie in the World

Since I keep forgetting to take pics of anything and haven’t photo’d yarn.  Here is an amazing picture of a tray of cookies that Monica made for a studio visit last week.  Yes, they are balls of yarn.  Delicious yarn.

 A quick wrap up of the more than a week.  At the studio dyeing like crazy with Kristen.  Working on the new pattern and an exciting project with Monica.  Ladner was amazing and the first Whistler market went off without a hitch.  As a matter of fact, even better than I could have hoped for.  Visits from new and old friends made the market a breeze.
The constant of working on inventory is a bit overwhelming, but that is nothing new….Just an explanation for the raging heat in my right arm.  I am full blown in the season.  Toni and Kim have taken over the tagging jobs altogether so at least that is off my plate.
Now to get back to that inventory!  Hope you all had a chance to knit and spin lots.

You’ve Got to Have Friends

Calling my business a sole proprietorship is not at all accurate.  I know I would not have this business were it not for the generosity of my friends.  This week for example…..

The woven labels came in………thanks for your nimble fingers Toni
The receipt books (many) need their stickers …..thanks Karen
The hang tags are printed ……..thanks Kim for multiple days of tagging
Inventory needing sorting for this weekends show……..Paula, your timing and sorting skills – unmatched.
Hotel bookings for all out of town shows (5)……..John, thanks for finding the creature comforts of home on the road.

This is just one week in the life of my business.  I’m a lucky girl.


A Relative Sense of Calm

Based on the number of shows I have booked this year, I should be completely freaked out.  One thing I have learned over the years is that the first market sets the tone for the rest of the season.

Sales, ease of set up, it all carries through.  And when the studio is tidy….well that’s just a huge bonus.

 I had a great night with Kristen last night, I made yarn, she made colour.  We made magic.


I haven’t really been to the studio for days.  I miss getting my spin on and have two lovely bobbins full and ready for plying.  Then I will spin more and another bobbin and finally update my 355.   I need to fill those yarn cupboards.

Some new dye colours came in today.  I’m super excited to give them a whirl and with the sun shining like this, guess who’s painting outside today?

Will show you some of the lovelies when they are finished.  Enjoy the sunshine.