Day 1/30

Day 1/30     Welcome to the new office. David Suzuki’s May Challenge of thirty minutes outside for 30 days is a challenge I’m willing to take on.  Rain or shine, finding the time to be outside in nature changes everything.   The first idea for day one was to move the studio outside.  But we’ll call this day “near nature”  just to the backyard.  I made some tea, grabbed a chair, a spinning wheel and a box of dyed mohair locks and planted myself in the middle of the yard.

Taking it outside

Taking it outside

The sun was out (not too bright) and it was nice and breezy.  Thirty minutes ended up not being the challenge, but rather coming back into the house.  The lilac tree was wafting intoxicating aromas through the yard.  How amazing is this?  How tranquil.  It’s hard to believe that I am in the zone, in the yard with no Netflix to guide me. It was an hour and a half before I even realized the time so I packed up and came back inside.  I continued to work, but with the perfume of lilac still in my nostrils and the heat of the sun still on my skin. And this is only Day 1, yah! I was thrilled with the yarn, and set the bobbin to the side.  I had a student coming for a spinning lesson at 6:00pm.  I wondered if she would want to spin outside.  Maybe next week.

First hand spun wool in the yard.

First outdoor work of the year.

Not sure exactly how I’m going to finish this yarn.  Thinking I might Navajo ply it, just to trap all those fabulous mohair locks.  Mohair generously donated by “Pepper”

Busier Than Usual

I’ve been busier than usual the last week or so. Hard to believe, since I have always set myself such a rigid schedule. I’m busier because I’m going on vacation.      It has been more than 10 years since I’ve been this reckless? …. but it is something that has put me into overdrive.

I’m going to Paris for my 50th birthday with my best knitting gal pal, Jean.  It seemed like a no brainer since we have the same addictions; yarn, chocolate, cafe creme, pain au chocolat and museum crawling. I can hardly wait….but now I’m in this crazy place where I am trying to get done the work I would have done if there was no holiday. I’m also taking quite a bit of yarn with me to France…..(more on that later) and I really want it to be my best work.

Core Spun 007

I’ve had a lot of creative time so far this year, more than usual and I’ve given myself a few days a week of just doing what I feel like. This is new and has led to some lovely finished pieces that got snapped up just after being posted on facebook (in a few cases).  Weird,because when I first started posting on FB, it was  just so my customers would know what I’m up to.  Not that I’m complaining!

My show confirmations are rolling in and it’s going to be the most hectic season yet, but I am thrilled to have the chance to share my work with a wider audience.

Classes at the home studio are going really well. I’m surprised at how at ease I am with work at home. I expected a few more hiccups but so far it’s all rainbows and puppies. After I get back from France I will be having the Intuitive Crochet Class, another Beginner Spinning class and the Dye Workshop. I’ll post as soon as that schedule goes up.

Core Spun 014

My friends are busy as well.  One of my  former students, Mekkin, owner of Hanahmin’s Fiber is going to be doing her first show at Fibres West.  Pearl Chow will be teaching Needle Felting at Wet Coast Wools this weekend.

Just a few more things to finish off.     I’m in Whistler this weekend for the Made In Whistler Market at the Westin Hotel, sponsored by the Whistler Arts Council.  It’s my last show before my trip. There is also one custom order to finish off.  All I’m missing is sleeves and a collar and then we can call it a cardigan.

Final order of business?   Decide what my project for the plane will be. Knitting or crochet? And how much room to leave in the suitcase for new yarn  Oh yeah, there will be yarn.

Enter —- Panic Busy

Today I realized that I am 4 days into “panic busy”.  I may have been cued by the feeling of nausea from staring at the pile of dyed fibre on the coffee table.  Maybe it was the fact that I realized I have two shows this weekend and no fibre to sell.  No–wait—-It’s the fact that I am already 5 hats behind today and I need to get to the studio asap.

Wah——I know there is beautiful dried fibre waiting for me to spin.  I also miss Kristen and Joan who will both be there.  So just suck it up, go and get the mojo back.  I think I’ll card today.  It usually helps me get my focus back and also works out a bit of stress.

Do not come anywhere near the studio unless you are okay with being saddled with weird odd jobs.  I mean it.

Pictoral … Not

I keep forgetting to take pictures….at the market, at the studio, wherever I need to be taking pictures.  I don’t like posts without photos, hence the week of not blogging.  However, until I can take some good shots, I still want to let you know what’s been going on.

The studio has been crazy busy, but with Torchwood.  With the Season 1 finale today, let’s just say the production has been ramped up to it’s highest level ever.

Friend with blog news:

Kristen dyed a killer new colourway.  Available soon in her Etsy shop.

Quincey finished off a batch of little felted guys and was carding this week for a mountain of felted soaps she is working on.

Monica is working on my new website, blog, logo and everything else that will make me look like a together grown up.  She is amazing people and her skills are available.

Me. —-same old, same old. Dyeing, spinning, knitting and doing the market’s while ramping up for Filberg.  What I’m not doing —-taking photos of the finished goods.  (a situation I hope to rectify shortly)

Bargaining for Time

And the script is as follows:

John:  Well, I’m calling like you asked.  It’s 6pm, are you ready to come home yet?

Me:  Well Monica just got here a little while ago and Kristen and I are really working the dyes.

John:  Okay, should I call you again at 7?

Me:  No, I’m definitely thinking I need to be here until 8:30, and then we’ll be home before 9 and I can still make dinner.

John:  Okay, see you at 8:30.

Brief musical interlude…maybe the soundtrack from Buffy Season 6.  Phone rings at 8:20.

John:  So, I’m leaving the house now to come and get you, right?

Me:  Actually I think 9:15 would definitely be better. Monica’s almost done the hat and we have one more round of dyeing to finish.

John:  I’ll come now and start loading the car and maybe go for a walk around the neighbourhood, but we are leaving at 9:15.

Me:  Absolutely.

Brief interlude in which much laughing, knitting, spinning and dyeing occur.  John returns at 9:15

John:  So I’ll just hang out with you guys until you are ready to go?

Me:  That would be great. Thanks honey, we’re just getting so much done.

Actual time leaving the studio  10:20pm.  Dinner at 11:00.  In bed by 2:00 (working on a lace shawl).

Saturday Studio = The Best Day Ever

We loaded up the car early and Kim and I made our way to the studio for reskeining, some tagging and braiding rovings.  She was handling all of that while I was working on the kit yarns.  And yippee….the first 4 colourways have been spun.

I honestly never thought I’d get to this stage.  Finally, I’ve got the right amount of push to get this happening.  Next step, my layout for the pattern and the packaging.  Let’s see how long of a drawn out process I can make this.  This is one thing I am definitely good at.  Procrastination.