Posting as a Challenge

Here I thought the 30 minutes a day outdoors for 30 days would be the challenge.  It’s turned out that posting updates is my biggest hurdle!

I had an Ashford order come in this week. Things I needed for students and then some things that I felt it was my duty to test drive for students.  Love, love, love this alpaca merino blend roving.  The colour is “slate” and I believe I may be spinning the entire kilo.  If anyone is interested in trying out this roving, let me know.  It spins like a dream. I had two wheels go out the door this week to two super enthusiastic students. So part of my week went to putting together and waxing wheels.   Not something I am highly skilled at doing, but a pleasure none the less.

Spinning Class

Spinning Class

I also taught the second half of the Beginner Spinning Workshop at Birkeland Wool.  This group was crazy fun.  Not only had they done all their homework (filling lots of bobbins), but they were so advanced that I was able to squeeze in three ply and navajo plying techniques as well.  It is classes and moments like this that make me treasure the experience of teaching.

Sketchy Bobbins

Sketchy Bobbins

Since I am taking two classes right now through the VSB, I am really, really getting into the camera.   With that comes a lot of editing software and I found this wonderful little programme that lets me turn the photos into sketches.  Not that the actual pictures of the yarn were not interesting, but how can you discover a button and not push it?

Day 4/30

DSC_0338Rainy and cool.  Perfect for today’s nature project before I teach the second half of the Beginner Spinning class this afternoon.  I did it!  I finally started the garden this year.  I didn’t get it all done at once, spending a good hour reworking the soil and compost and getting these little beauties in the ground. I’m focusing on greens this year so brussel sprouts, bok choy, spinach and several varieties of kale.  Here’s hoping I have it all done by next Sunday.DSC_0383

I know these posts aren’t yarn heavy, but they will be.  There’s always yarn and this finally dried today.  A wonderful single ply merino ready for cozy winter knitting.  I enjoy thinking of all seasons at the same time.  I like to have a bunch of all white in my stash at any given time.  Crisp.

While enjoying the lilac and getting deep into the soil, I had a visitor who doesn’t usually hang with me in the yard.  Even Asia is getting into the spirit of the 30/30 and was enjoying some little birdies in the tree.



Time to get ready for class in the studio. The apricot scones have cooled.  I’ve made room for the wheels and now I’ll just sort out the bits of yarny goodness that seem to spread over every surface.  I’m looking forward to this group today. I love the enthusiasm of new students.

Please check the class schedule as I will be adding the new summer classes this week. There will beat least one spinning class and a free form crochet class.


Busier Than Usual

I’ve been busier than usual the last week or so. Hard to believe, since I have always set myself such a rigid schedule. I’m busier because I’m going on vacation.      It has been more than 10 years since I’ve been this reckless? …. but it is something that has put me into overdrive.

I’m going to Paris for my 50th birthday with my best knitting gal pal, Jean.  It seemed like a no brainer since we have the same addictions; yarn, chocolate, cafe creme, pain au chocolat and museum crawling. I can hardly wait….but now I’m in this crazy place where I am trying to get done the work I would have done if there was no holiday. I’m also taking quite a bit of yarn with me to France…..(more on that later) and I really want it to be my best work.

Core Spun 007

I’ve had a lot of creative time so far this year, more than usual and I’ve given myself a few days a week of just doing what I feel like. This is new and has led to some lovely finished pieces that got snapped up just after being posted on facebook (in a few cases).  Weird,because when I first started posting on FB, it was  just so my customers would know what I’m up to.  Not that I’m complaining!

My show confirmations are rolling in and it’s going to be the most hectic season yet, but I am thrilled to have the chance to share my work with a wider audience.

Classes at the home studio are going really well. I’m surprised at how at ease I am with work at home. I expected a few more hiccups but so far it’s all rainbows and puppies. After I get back from France I will be having the Intuitive Crochet Class, another Beginner Spinning class and the Dye Workshop. I’ll post as soon as that schedule goes up.

Core Spun 014

My friends are busy as well.  One of my  former students, Mekkin, owner of Hanahmin’s Fiber is going to be doing her first show at Fibres West.  Pearl Chow will be teaching Needle Felting at Wet Coast Wools this weekend.

Just a few more things to finish off.     I’m in Whistler this weekend for the Made In Whistler Market at the Westin Hotel, sponsored by the Whistler Arts Council.  It’s my last show before my trip. There is also one custom order to finish off.  All I’m missing is sleeves and a collar and then we can call it a cardigan.

Final order of business?   Decide what my project for the plane will be. Knitting or crochet? And how much room to leave in the suitcase for new yarn  Oh yeah, there will be yarn.


I’ll be doing a lot more teaching at the studio this year.  Yes, my schedule is organized such that I have carved out more space for classes.

Check back for some updates shortly!  I also am happy to hear from anyone who has a special request or an idea for  a class they would like me to teach.

Cappuccino machine…….just saying.

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to spin a village worth of fibre and yarn.  Here’s what’s still drying from the Saturday workshop.

If you recognize your fibre, give it another day or so to dry and then it’s all yours.  For the record, you were a prolific and enthusiastic group.

Again, no pink here anywhere.   Today was spent moving the furniture back, drinking a significant amount of coffee and dyeing with Kristen.  It was a great afternoon of dueling colourways.

I recently picked up a lovely alpaca that I overdyed and I love it so much, even though it isn’t even dry yet,  I know I will sneak a cuddle. 

Remind me to show you a picture of the dyed top after spinning.   I guarantee you it will look less like this wildebeast.

Only one yarn to add today……but it sure is purdy.

Dyeing to Learn

Yesterday I offered what I hope will be the first of many full day workshops at the studio.  The dyeing class was something that has been in the works for a while.  Almost a side effect of teaching spinning, if you will.  Once everyone has spun their requisite pound of crossbreed or corriedale (learning fibre) they are all sick of white.  The first skeins are not as pretty, kind of quirky, but usually end up being unloved as white.

I headed into the studio quite early to get everything ready for the class which involved a lot of juggling of the space.  Cups, brushes, vinegar, buckets, cloths, wrap, gloves, masks, oh yes, and dyes. —-check, check, check…..enough espresso pods…Double check.

The group was wildly enthusiastic and have all been past students.  One of the most important impromptu lessons of the day –how to use the cappuccino machine.

Once safety issues were out of the way, not trivial, but not creative, there was an amazing symphony of colour in the room.  I am grateful to say, not one fibre was dyed with any pink in it.

There wasn’t time to get a lot of photographs, with two power interruptions and a small flood keeping things hopping, but it is definitely something we will be doing again.

Thanks to Jennifer and Kristin for the classroom support.  It was wonderful for the students to see expert dyers in action.