Ode to a Pair of Socks

I received the most incredible gift over the holidays, this poem.  Thanks Jennifer!

Ode to a Pair of Socks
by Pablo Neruda

Maru Mori brought me
a pair
of socks
that she knit with her
shepherd’s hands.
Two socks as soft
as rabbit fur.
I thrust my feet
inside them
as if they were
little boxes
from threads
of sunset
and sheepskin.

My feet were
two woolen
in those outrageous socks,
two gangly,
navy-blue sharks
on a golden thread,
every day.
Like jungle
who deliver a young deer
of the rarest speciies
to the roasting spit
then wolf it down
in shame,
I stretched
my feet forward
and pulled on
and over them
my shoes.

So this is
the moral of my ode:
beauty is beauty
twice over
and good things are doubly
when you’re talking about a pair of wool
in the dead of winter.

Change, change and more change.

I am giving up my studio at the end of the year.    You’d think this would make me sad as the last three years have been awesome there.

From flooding to Frank,  having the studio was magic to me.  Two of my studio pals have gone on to other things or new spaces and it’s just too big to carry on my own, so I’m coming home.

Does this mean a change to what I sell, how often I teach or what shows I do….Not at all.  With the help of a lot of fantastic friends I am going to create one stunner of a studio in the house.  I can hardly wait.

While the move is going on, I am still kicking out custom orders and trying to keep up with the crazy demand for all things handmade this year.  As you are getting ready for the holidays trying to finish up those last few knits remember this….one mitt, or sock or piece of a sweater is still a great gift if you can include a done by date with your package.  Previews are nice and build excitement!

Enjoy the holidays everyone.

I’ll check in when the chaos subsides.

Fun at the studio with Quincey.



I resolve….

I never do this, because there are certain things I will and will not do and resolutions or attempts at change have never worked in the past.  When I woke this morning I felt this weird charge of energy that made me feel like I could do just about anything.  No idea where it came from —-not going to ask.

So in your face 2012 —-this is what’s going to happen

  • No yarn store purchases of yarn —sorry yarn stores.  I have given you plenty of money so this year you’re going to have to get on without me.
  • No new wheels.  Not a Sidekick, not anything new or shiny or used or in need of attention.
  • One wheel from the herd must go.
  • I must not leave stock dye in the studio without putting the lid back on.
  • No more $5 coffees ($2.50 Americanos are still okay and only if I haven’t any coffee at home
  • No takeout food unless we are out of town for a show.  If I’m eating at home it will be the food from my own fridge.  Not a health concern more than budgetary.  A year in review of expenses can be quite shocking
  • I will not get another kitty.  It was hard losing Hadiya this year.  She would be impossible to replace.  Not even gonna try.
  • I am taking a fibre vacation this year.  Most likely to Salt Spring for one of Terri’s awesome classes.
  • I will learn to hug like Pearl but give it my own spin.  I don’t want to be a copy cat hugger.

The punishment for breaking one of these “resolves” is that I have to clean the house.  You notice that I have nothing about housework in my list of things to do/not do this year.  Yep…nothing at all.


A Magical Holiday

I have been watching my Dr. Who special since 4:30 this morning (in my fabulous TARDIS socks). I know. I have made excellent use of my time, working on some knitting and preparing various side orders and the turkey during commercials. It took a while, but the results were well worth it, with us sitting for dinner at 7PM and me only missing one of the old Christmas specials.

My curried turkey with lentil rice and cilantro stuffing worked out nicely. My cranberry sauce was runny. I consider this a success since I have hosted some pretty awful holiday meals!

I am enjoying working on a lovely pure angora scarf and taking my time with it. This is the luxury of a semi day off. The fibre is divine. John is cleaning up so I can get back to my TWho – a- thon.

Had the most awesome dinner at our friend Claire’s last night. We started with her pate with fig balsamic jelly, a pinch of hibiscus salt with a rosemary brioche. And the meal only got better if you can believe that. She makes her own holiday log as well. I think I may be able to enjoy the cooking of others and left overs right until new years.

I hope everyone is enjoying knitting with some great yarn over the holidays. I have been asked to work on some new kits for next year. Consider it done.

Might not make it to the studio until Tuesday if you are planning on stopping by.

Sleep is for Suckers

Just to make sure I avoid the dream about having too much sleep (which freaks me out more than you could know) I am still up.  Deep Space Nine is an excellent pick me up for the 2am panics as well as the espresso I am currently consuming.

Rock solid studio day today.  Many hats finished while Kristen and I watched Dr. Who and she dyed some beautiful fibre.

My spinning wheel is not going to fit in the car.  Not at all, not even close and it’s too late for the Beverly Hillbillies –tie to the roof action.  This blows.  I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy but it’s just not the same.

I am bringing my wheel to Edmonton.  I will strap myself to the roof if I have to.  Back to work.  Maybe I can watch Game of Thrones while I’m working?  If I was sleeping, I’d be getting up in 3 hrs anyway….Yep, Game of Thrones, it is.

Pictoral … Not

I keep forgetting to take pictures….at the market, at the studio, wherever I need to be taking pictures.  I don’t like posts without photos, hence the week of not blogging.  However, until I can take some good shots, I still want to let you know what’s been going on.

The studio has been crazy busy, but with Torchwood.  With the Season 1 finale today, let’s just say the production has been ramped up to it’s highest level ever.

Friend with blog news:

Kristen dyed a killer new colourway.  Available soon in her Etsy shop.

Quincey finished off a batch of little felted guys and was carding this week for a mountain of felted soaps she is working on.

Monica is working on my new website, blog, logo and everything else that will make me look like a together grown up.  She is amazing people and her skills are available.

Me. —-same old, same old. Dyeing, spinning, knitting and doing the market’s while ramping up for Filberg.  What I’m not doing —-taking photos of the finished goods.  (a situation I hope to rectify shortly)